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​Osaka guest house SAKURA Special option

Let's be a SAMURAI!!


Our recommendation, SAMURAI EXPERIENCE!!

You have the chance to wear original samurai attire,

master of the use of swaord, and create your own

SAMURAI video :)

Please check our you tube video!!

Price Adult                   5,400 yen 

          Under 10years old  3,200 yen

Let's play

Japanese Drum!!


About 1 hour~1 hour half Japanese drum lesson :)

Normally you start with a simple stretch and learning about what taiko is made out of. Then you move onto learning basic taiko movements and try hitting it right away! Usually they teach a few simple patterns or a piece to the participant, which gradually gets more challenging depending on the levels of the participants. Then you do a final run through performance at the end.

Price   1 person   5,000yen  

Local Tour and Makeing



Every Sunday morning, local college sutdents in Osaka get toghether at Osaka guest house sakura to introduce how to make "washoku"(Japanese gourmet) and show you around the little-known spots nearby!

Why don't you join us to explore Osaka more than you can of your own?

If you have anu question, feel free to contact us. 

Price   1 person   1,000yen  

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