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Osaka guesthouse SAKURA

13mins from Osaka station!


Sakura has a historical atmospher with solid timber of cypress,

Japanese fusuma and tatami.

You will experience Japanese traditional culture and rhythm of four

seasons with your senses.

Located in the heart of Osaka city. Easy access to Kyoto, Nara,

and the other popular spots.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

What's guest house??


Guest house is called backpacker's hostel, budget hotel as well.​ We have dormitory room, and common space, shared bathroom.

We provide you cheap and fun travel way!

Let's meet new people and new culture, and experience JAPAN!!

 Let's have fun !!



Fee 500JPY  /  Time  9PM~

Let's join our TAKOYAKI PARTY!!

TAKOYAKI (Octopus ball) is famous food in Osaka.

Why don't you make it by yourself? :)

It will be very fun!!

You can communicate with other guests,

You might make new friends here!

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